Smart Locks

Smart locks are a revolutionary innovation in the field of home security. They offer a convenient and modern way to secure your home without relying on traditional lock and key mechanisms. Smart locks are designed to work with your smartphone, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, receive alerts when someone enters or exits your home, and even grant access to visitors or service providers.

With so many different types and models of smart locks on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the top smart locks available today, comparing and rating each one based on a variety of factors.

Hands-Free Access Strategy

With the rise of contactless technology, smart lock manufacturers can integrate hands-free access into their products. This can be achieved through the use of sensors, Bluetooth, and voice recognition technology. With hands-free access, users can simply approach their door and the smart lock will detect their presence, automatically unlocking the door for them. This feature would be especially useful for individuals with disabilities or those carrying groceries or other items. Additionally, with voice recognition technology, users could unlock their doors simply by speaking a command, eliminating the need for keys or even a smartphone. This hands-free access strategy could differentiate smart locks from traditional locks and make them more appealing to a wider audience.

Key Features

Remote access

With a smart lock, you can remotely lock or unlock your door using your smartphone or other connected device. This is particularly useful if you need to let someone in while you’re not at home.

Keyless entry

Smart locks eliminate the need for a physical key, which can be lost, stolen, or duplicated. Instead, you can enter your home using a code or your smartphone.

Integration with other smart devices

Many smart locks can be integrated with other smart home devices, such as security cameras and smart thermostats, to create a comprehensive home security system.

Activity tracking:

Smart locks can track who is entering and leaving your home, and when. This can be useful for keeping tabs on children, housekeepers, or other visitors.

Easy installation

Most smart locks are designed to be easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional.

Voice Control

Some smart locks are compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to lock and unlock your door with just your voice. This feature can be particularly useful when your hands are full or you are in a rush.

By offering these features, smart locks provide an easy and convenient way to enhance the security of your home. However, there are also some things to consider when choosing a smart lock, which we will discuss in the following sections.

Things to Consider


Ensure that the smart lock is compatible with your door and your existing hardware, such as your deadbolt.


Determine how the smart lock connects to your phone or smart home system. Some locks use Bluetooth, while others use Wi-Fi or a combination of both.


Check the type of power source that the smart lock uses. Some use batteries, while others can be hardwired into your home’s electrical system.


Look for a lock that uses advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and tamper detection.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the smart lock is to use and set up. Some locks require professional installation, while others can be installed by the homeowner.


Smart locks can range in price from under $100 to over $500. Consider your budget and what features are most important to you.

Brand and Reputation

Look for a reputable brand with a history of producing quality locks. Check reviews and ratings from other customers to ensure that the lock is reliable and secure.

Additional Features

Some smart locks come with additional features, such as voice control, remote access, and integration with other smart home devices. Consider which features are important to you and your lifestyle.

Taking these factors into consideration will help you choose the right smart lock for your needs and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home or business.

August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro is a popular choice for its ease of use and compatibility with most smart home systems. Its key features include:

  • Auto-lock and unlock functions based on proximity to the lock
  • Remote access and control via smartphone app
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • DoorSense technology to monitor the status of the door


Easy to install

✅ Sleek and modern design

✅ Integration with a wide range of smart home systems


Expensive compared to other smart locks

❌ Limited battery life

Budget Plan

When it comes to smart locks, there are a wide range of options available on the market at varying price points. For those on a budget, there are several affordable options that still offer key features such as remote access and the ability to control locks from a smartphone app. One budget-friendly option is the Kwikset SmartCode 888, which typically retails for under $100. This lock features a backlit keypad for easy access, as well as the ability to set up to 30 unique user codes. Another affordable option is the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, which retails for around $200. This lock allows for keyless entry and can be controlled through a smartphone app or voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

While budget-friendly options may lack some of the more advanced features of higher-priced models, they can still offer the basic security and convenience of smart locks at an affordable price point. It is important to consider factors such as the level of security needed, the compatibility with other smart home devices, and the ease of installation when choosing a smart lock on a budget. By doing thorough research and comparing options, consumers can find a smart lock that meets their needs and budget.

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